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2007-09-09 13:52:00 by Davood

W00T! I just got a free new icon maker to personalize icons in every known picture format. SOOOO, I'll have icons on every thing now. Although For every thing else im sticking to my trusty MS paint.

and of coarse flash cs3


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2007-09-13 12:20:55

you fail at animating.

(Updated ) Davood responds:

Lol, YOU have failed at animation. Trust me i've seen your "flash". Though you have submitted quantity, you have not submitted quality. douche bag


2007-09-13 15:22:06

Making fun of quality animations when your drawing on MS paint, saying w00t! and making shit mario sprite toons?

I laugh at your ignorance. hahahahahhahahaha


2007-09-14 22:54:04

look at my picture on my page, that is talent, and i didn't even do it!!!!!!!!

Davood responds:

I make all of my pictures!


2007-09-17 19:02:23

fuckin priocks with there asshole commments, keep up the work, cant wai tto watch any new material u throw out here.

Davood responds:

thankyou pockets